bilingual site - Upfront Theme (Fixer or Spirit) & Coursepress

We are currently setting up our site to be using one of the new template (Fixer or Spirit, we haven't decided between the 2).
We need the site content to be in 2 languages - French and English.
I didn't find in the theme settings anything to help with this, what do you recommend?

In any case, we were thinking of managing the languages as and rather through a domain approach vs. fr. Does this make sense?

Lastly, the main objective of the site is to be able to provide online courses so we are planning to integrate CoursePress. How do it manage language? Do we need to have 2 instal running (one for English and one for French) or can this be dealt by a general language plug-in? We don't want users to have to scroll through material in the wrong language for them.

I hope this is clear,