Binomial nomenclature / Scientific Structure Help

I wasn’t sure where to put this question but it seems advanced.

Can someone give feedback on how one might create a filled in form to be place in a post that is in a category and/or an optional template with the goal of using some but not all posts for binomial nomenclature?

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Mimidae

Example –

I want to create something similar to the box in the top right titled Northern Mockingbird and make it pretty like that if possible.

Ideally it would not be created by copied code over and over from a note pad but integrated and optional on the fly, not for every post. Plug-inish.

I want this for just a section on a BP site and building a category/sub is easy enough but I’m a bit lost because WP and Science both share the term taxonomy and I split the middle and that’s making it worse so I might pass out soon.

Do any of the wiki for WP plug-ins/taxonomy plug-ins, I think I remember seeing some, gear towards this?

Ideally, I’d like to integrate MediaWiki with log-ins into MPMU/BP/bbPress and theme across the whole but that seems a bit wishful because the few I have seen have worked their tails off to make it kind of work and no themeing.

One day.

Easy, on the fly, scientific nomenclature that is option for a post… anyone…. help

  • James Farmer

    Hmmmm... interesting question!

    In terms of plugins that I've used which would come somewhere near to this is the footnotes plugin

    But of course here you want to be able to, presumably, specify a set of characteristics / categories etc. prior to the post being published which can then be selected and entered as appropriate (probably from a new menu under each post / ore page.

    I'm almost certain that'd be a custom job though... but I can't imagine it'd be that hard, all you'd need is a place to enter the categories and possible selections, a box to whack in an image URL and a bit of nice CSS to spit it out.

  • Louis Zanolli

    I'll think about that one. A bit out of my scope but a programmer could knock it out and I'd just make it available to all unless you guys do it as a paid plug-in someday.

    It would be a nice little app because it could work for a lot of little things and let a community create a reference for their community subject.

    It would be really cool if you treated it like extra profile fields and could create multiple templates so differernt groups/blogs or admins could create a/multiple community species identity guides, city guides, recipe or other guides, with multiple subject templates to choose from or make and use, not stuck to one "template"/subject.

    A Karate Club could have a a mini guide of moves for example, esp. if you could embedd video, and a guide of famous martial arts experts over history guide all classified.

    I can't get to this for some time but it could be very cool.


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