Bit strange question, but..


Don't know what title is suitable for this topic, but I have this kind of question:

I am asking bit strange question, but it's important to me (and not only me I think)

For example, if I have big network, with lots of plugins/themes/blogs/users, is it possible some errors to appear that I can't solve? i.e. everything works fine, and one day I have incorrectly installed a plug-in or updated WordPress and it messed some codes or MySQL tables, could it be solved without loosing any information?

I don't know how to properly ask you what I am interested with, but I am trying :slight_smile: For another example - Recently, I have updated WordPress manually, everything was correct, but unfortunately there was connection problem and some files needed to be uploaded one-by-one. So, to sum up, I haven't fully uploaded WP, that caused some errors, sometimes it showed me that "There was old WP files in database tables and I needed to delete and update them", so as I was confused, I deleted absolutely everything and built a network again, and that's my question - yes I have deleted it, but it was solvable, wasn't it?

So I think you have understood what I am asking, but I'll try once more - is it true, that "no matter how big mistake I will make (incorrect updating or something), how messed database tables will be and how damaged some files will be, everything is solvable with help of strong developers?


So, I am not yet sure if everything is clear in my question-topic but I have tried :smiley: