Blak Magik (and most other Farm 133 Themes are NOT WP 3 compatible (specifically the menus)

Hi there,
I just installed the Blak Magik theme in WP 3.1. The menus are not compatible.
It looks like a bunch of the Farm 133 themes do not support the WP 3 menus.
Yes you advertise full compatibility.
Can you please look into this?
Thank you,

  • Dora

    Has this issue been resolved? One of the biggest benefits of membership was access to your themes, but upon review I see that most of the themes in the 133 pack are retired; random testing of a dozen themes revealed that the coding on many of them isn't automatically compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. I was hoping for themes that were a bit more plug and play...I mean, if I wanted retired themes that need extra work just so the menus align properly or to get JetPack to function properly I would have gone out and grabbed them myself.

  • aristath

    Hello there @Dora, I hope you're well today!

    This post is almost 4 years old...
    The themes in the 133 Farms pack are mostly old themes that happen to be used by many people and we decided to maintain them to offer a solution for people still using them.
    We don't actively develop them to change their functionality etc, what we do is simple bugfixes to keep them compatible with latest versions of WordPress so that people can still use them on their existing sites. The themes ARE compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

    Have you found anything in them that doesn't work? Any bugs? If so, could you please create a new post for them so that we may look into them in detail and fix them if needed?

    I'll go ahead and close this thread to avoid posts on a 4-year-old post, there's no reason for the original poster who is no longer an active member on these forums to get email notifications about these.


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