Blank out pages for non Super-Admins

Hi there!

After 3 months of working I'm almost ready for release! With a lot of help from you guys and your plugins! Thanks :smiley:

Now, I have a few plugins like W3 Total Cache, CloudFlare and others which have their per-site control panel, mostly filled with options I'd rather not have accessible or aren't important to access and will only confuse the users.

And this is where the following request comes in:
How do I blank out pages if the user isn't a Super-Admin? I've already found out how I remove the links,
but if an abuser knows the url's for the plugins, he could flush the cache of the whole website every second resulting in some beautiful lag which everyone would enjoy, right?
Or what about removing CloudFlare connections so that the user has direct access to the server's IP and DDoS it, everybody would love that!

Obviously you can see I'm being sarcastic here, but the results could be devastating, even site-breaking. Therefor I am in need for this solution and I think everyone could benefit from it allowing their customers and them self to be in great relief! :slight_smile:


On an unrelated side-note: I cannot uncheck the "Plug-ins" administrative menu in wp-admin/network/settings.php, it's not greyed out, but whenever I uncheck and save, it reverts - All other changes on that page are saved though.
Not too important when or if I can blank out pages anyway :wink:

  • Sybre Waaijer

    Hi there Michael!

    Thanks for your reply.

    It seems that the plugin you linked me to can only remove menu items from certain user roles, however the pages might still be accessible through URL fiddling, which is also something I want to prevwnt.

    Maybe this can be achieved through .htaccess redirection, without resulting in a blank page. However, this is a different approach and might not be the safest bet, it could be handy as an addon though...

  • Sybre Waaijer

    What I read from the website you just linked me to is the following:


    Instead of installing Admin Menu Editor in mu-plugins, you can also install it normally and then activate it globally via “Network Activate”. However, this will make the plugin visible to normal users when it is inactive (e.g. during upgrades).
    When Admin Menu Editor is installed in mu-plugins or activated via “Network Activate”, only the “super admin” user can access the menu editor page. Other users will see the customized Dashboard menu, but be unable to edit it.
    It is currently not possible to install Admin Menu Editor as both a normal and global plugin on the same site.

    Is mu-plugins still working in the current WordPress versions? If so, is it possible to move my existing plugins there without any needed changes? This would solve a lot of thing!

    I'll continue reading regarding this information elsewhere too :slight_smile:

  • Sybre Waaijer

    Hi there Michael!

    I'm sorry I doubted you, the plugin you linked me to worked better than perfect!

    I was confused with the plugin at first because it didn't clearly stated that it would block access.

    It shows a "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this admin page" whenever a user accesses a page I don't want them to access! Brilliant work!

    As an apology for my doubt, I would like to show you this cute kitten. You can view her in the attachment below :slight_smile:

    Once again, thanks and have a great day!

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