Blank page after submitting an answer

I'm logged in as the Administrator of a site (non-MultiSite). I posted a new Q&A Question via wp-admin (using the plugin for questions but also posting my own FAQs in there for general reference). Then, I went to the front-end to view the question and add my answer. I posted my answer and the website just went blank and the browser's address bar showed /questions/ (i.e. not specific to the question I posted on or the answer I provided).

So, in the wp-admin area, I see there are 3 answers (since I tried 3 times and got a blank white screen at /questions/ when I clicked to "Submit" my answer). I deleted 2 and changed 1 from Pending to Published and I got the end result that I wanted.

My complaint/feedback is that it's terrible UX to just have a blank page. I'm sure you guys agree, but is this a known bug?

Question this all happened on is located here:

Thank you.