Blank Pages in Buddy Press

I did some searching and I see that a problem very similar to mine was solved in another thread here. But the solution isn't in the thread, the staff member from WPMUDev actually went into the FTP and fixed it. I would like to know how to fix it if possible.
I am getting white pages from my Buddy Press menu but not when I viewed them from Buddypress>Pages in the dashboard.

From the 4th post in this thread is where I'm having the same problems:

I am running Membership. I then tried to install a bbPress forum. And this is when it all went to crap.

If I need to hard code it, I'd like to know where, because I may need to do this in the future again. I want to eventually get the bbPress to work. Right now it's completely disabled.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey MediaBridges, hope you are well.

    You can call me Tim :wink:

    I'm the chap who helped in the other thread. I don't recall the exact issue with the theme but if you say its the exact same then please send in a contact, mark it to my attention and provide ftp access as well as network admin access.

    I'll take a look and if its the same issue get it fixed. I'll provide you feedback and be sure to let the developer know. :slight_smile:

    Please just make sure you are on the latest version of WordPress, Plugins and the Theme then test again. If the issue persists then fill out the form here:

    Be sure to mark it to my attention so I don't miss it. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • MediaBridges
    • Flash Drive

    Any status on this? I figure it won't be a quick fix, but now someone else has the same problem I am having (she posted in the first thread). I just want to know if it's in progress or not and if this is something that may be fixed in the near future.

    Also, Even if I uninstall Membership, I can't get Buddy Press to run correctly anymore. No matter how deep my uninstall of everything, It won't run as a user and display profiles, activity streams, etc. I'd rather not have to do a complete wipe of my hosting and reinstall everything.

    Again, I am appreciative of everything that can be done. I just don't want to continue importing data into my site if I'm just going to have to do it all over again.

  • isis
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey MediaBridges,

    Have you run into any other problems? I'm having a fit with some (what I think) issues related to caching. Trying to get that all cleared up. Still stuck with the blank pages in Buddypress - when I am able to access the site and have that activated. I have not gone and uninstalled at any level other than to put both plugins in an "old-plugins: file and work forward from there. Upon getting to bbPress - BAM, nothing on the Buddypress pages.

    Anyway, yep, I'm here waiting on an answer with you :slight_smile: Was just wondering if you were having any of these other troubles? Mine ALL started with the implementation of Forums. Bloody hell, lol.

    Okay, rant over. I'll keep watching for an update from our buddy Tim and the rest of the staff here (who are heros when they fix stuff, btw!!).


  • MediaBridges
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    I'm not having any other problems. I had originally had WP Super Cache on, but I turned it off once I started having problems with the forums and buddy press, thinking it would solve things. Nope!

    The only problem I'm having is with BuddyPress not being usable as a member.

    And they are heroes when they fix this stuff! Because I know I can't. I was just so excited about how well everything was working, until I started messing with bbPress.

    If need be, I'll completely get rid of bbPress and use another forum, like Mingle. But I'd rather use bbPress if possible.

  • MediaBridges
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    Just another FYI. Just did a reinstall of Wordpress from the Wordpress Dashboard with BuddyPress and Membership running. Still having the same problems looking at pages for users.

    I also realized at one point last night that I had never defined a denied access page. So I did so in the Membership options. I'm still only getting a blank page, not the denied access page, so it's not a roles permissions thing either.

  • MediaBridges
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    I'm still having problems and I can't seem to get BuddyPress in create user pages. If I hit Activity or Profile or anything in the Buddy Press dashboard, I still hit a blank page.

    I sent in a request through email with the credentials you asked for with ATTN: Tim on it and I haven't heard anything.

    So I'm going to try and pop into the Live Plugin Chat tomorrow morning and try and get some help there if you're unable to help me.

    Thanks! I hope to hear some solution soon. I was really loving how all of the plugins were working together until I tried to install bbPress.

  • MediaBridges
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    Okay. Finally figured it all out from doing a clean install and testing BuddyPress each time I installed a new plugin.

    It was Event Espresso's Member Integration plugin. It seems to hate Buddy Press. Or doesn't allow Buddy Press to do what it wants.

    Isis, Are you running Event Espresso? I'm not even running Membership on my new install yet. But it doesn't look like it was the problem at all.

    WPMU Dev, Thank you for all you tried to help. I really do appreciate it. After seeing a couple of other people having the same problem I was having, I thought for sure this was the problem. But in the end, it wasn't. After a week of pulling out my hair, this one is solved. For me at least.

    You all will be in my recommendation list when I start teaching Wordpress in the Fall. :slight_smile:


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey MediaBridges.

    Sorry I missed your responses here. Most of last week I had terrible internet issues and was working over a 3g tethered internet connection which slowed me down. I know we missed each other a few times over Skype. Its no excuse. I'm really sorry.

    I'm pleased you have this one resolved now!

    Take care.

  • isis
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    OMG, MediaBridges,

    I thought I had some how "automagically" solved my issue. I had no idea what I had done differently, but all of sudden, one day it was all there like it should be. My pages showed, I could get the forums aligned right, everything. Didn't know a true answer, so didn't know anything that would help you. Thought perhaps it was all the cache crap

    I am so happy you got your issue resolved!!

    I have done some more changes - updated my theme to the newest version, etc. and....

    Now, I have the same darn problem again! @#$%^&* Flippin %^$#%^@!!!!

    I've got nothing, nada, zip. I have reinstalled Buddypress, the Template Pack, tried everything I know to do. It has to do with something in my theme though, because I can get to my user pages if I change over to the darn default theme.

    I don't know how to interpret the Error Logs I'm getting, I don't know what is going on. I have turned off Membership, nothing. I do not have Event Expresso (anymore - perhaps I need to make sure it didn't leave any unwanted fingerprints?). I don't know what to do.

    Tim, if you are still following this thread...I'm still here and pretty exasperated at this point. Can you please help? I can provide whatever you need...

    Again, MediaBridges - I'm really glad you got your issue resolved and sorry I wasn't much help but, as you can tell, I'm just feeling my way blindly through all of this. Just when you think you understand something - BOOM. Hopefully it is smooth sailing for you from here!



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