Blank Pop up when uploading (a changed) profile image for Jobs and Experts?

Hi Team - you fabulous people.

When a user goes to (to edit their profile in Jobs and Experts) this is what happens:

Change Avatar > Choose file and upload > Call back = Blank white popup

Even using the X to close has not response. It only does this when replacing a avatar.

Really hope you can help with this one....



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Zen,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site and I noticed that the "actively used" Jobs & Experts instance is on a sub-site. I have create a user account for myself to test it there but then I realized that I'm not quite sure if I follow the case. I mean:

    - the only place where I could find the option that you are referring to was on "experts-opportiunties" /edit-espert-profile page
    - I was able to add and change avatars there multiple times

    I'm not sure however if this is the place that I should be checking so could you please confirm? Or if it's not that and I'm missing something, please point me to the correct site/page and provide with a basic step-by-step guide on how to replicate that.

    I'll then test it again.

    Best regards,

  • Zen

    AH haa...Hello Adam

    glad your on the case. I have attached a scree cast for you to have a look at.

    You are in the right place. I am surprised you could get it to do such. Maybe then its something to do with who is using the account/account type I do not know.

    Here's what I do:

    Exit Upfront and test the page/site and teh screen cast shows you that I hope.

    Any ideas are appreciated. I am just going to try as a test user without admin permissions myself. If it is only the case that admin are unable - all is well and I can get on at haste.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Zen

    Screen cast not working sorry it will not upload. Time.

    Step By step here is what I did and found out:

    Issue 1

    Login (as test user) > http://www.stename/experts-opportunities
    Main site menu > Create Expert Profile

    (add test user details).


    The Call Back page is the one I cannot find to edit (and badly needs it). It should show the single expert page. I have checked the pages in J+E Pages manager are allocated and all also seems set right in accordance with Upfront Builder page layouts. However please do check as I might have not done or seen something.

    Issue 2

    I tried to change the profile image WITHOUT deleting the one one first. That action brings up the next page (see image) which seems to be a pop up of some kind with an exit X in the corner. It scrolls and shows a page menu. When the X is clicked to close it it does not respond. If I knew what that page was then I could deign it to redirect the user to delete the existing image first. DO you know what page it is? Is this a Gremlin...

    Many thanks for hopping in here.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Zen!

    Thank you for additional explanation.

    As for screencasts. It's best to upload the video to some external service and share a link here. I use Jing from TechSmith and upload screencast directly from an app to their service (it's free) so that's an option to consider for future.

    As for the issue. It seems then that we deal with two separate issues here. One is the avatar case. I logged in again to your site with a test user account that I created and I was able to change avatar with no issue, regardless whether I first deleted previously loaded one or not. See this video please:

    A user account is currently set to "Contributor" role but I tried that before with "Subscriber" user too and it worked the same. I'm thinking whether this might be something specific on your end. I tested it with Firefox on Win 10, can you tell me please if you tested this with different browsers? If yes, what were those?

    As for the "callback page" issue. I didn't notice at first that it's Upfront-based site (I didn't actually check the theme at all) but Upfront doesn't handle "virtual pages" particularly well yet. We're still working on it and adding new compatibility layers to it but if a page is generated automatically with no "real page" in WP that may pose some issues.

    That said, I checked the site and I see that in "Experts -> Settings" on that sub-site in question there's no pages assigned in "Pages Manager" settings. That means that Events+ would be using "virtual pages". The Expert profile page would be "generated on the fly" though anyway so Upfront might not handle it well as it's not yet fully compatible with Jobs & Experts plugin.

    However, there's a little trick that might be useful and help here. Try following:
    1. while Upfront editor is NOT enabled open the expert profile page in browser (front-end, any of existing experts)
    2. then run Upfront editor on that page using "Upfront" link in browser toolbar
    3. design/tweak the page
    4. when prompted whether to save changes for "this only" or for "all of this type" while saving - select "all of this type"

    Hopefully that would let you set and create that "callback page" to your needs. Please note though that this is a workaround that used to work in the past but until a full J&E compatibility is announced I cannot guarantee that it will work.

    Best regards,

  • Zen

    Hey Adam

    'The Trick' worked thanks so its all game on again. Ta daa... thanks indeed.

    The Jing link here f and is great for anyone who wants a life changing experience with how to obtain support more effciently. Very good service and very professional. Will be using. Enjoy all!

    Here is an image of the settings which are set in the sub site - am sorry if i did not explain correctly it's location.

    Have a great day.


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