Block MarketPress Store from Strangers - Membership Plugin

I am trying to prevent strangers from viewing a marketpress store on a sub site but I must have it set up wrong. Strangers can still retrieve the store through Product Theme>View Cart>Browse Products.

How do I fix?

  • Atlanta
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    Ignore screen shots above. See new screenshots.

    I just realized that this V of Membership has an option to toggle marketpress pages on in the Membership plugins section. Ok, good, I added all of them to the negative rules, but a Stranger can still see the Store page, even though I have it checked off in the negative page rules.

    How do I prevent a Stranger from seeing the Store page? A user can learn the URL and type in

    All images below are for negative rules.

  • Mason
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    I don't believe the main store page is included in the MarketPress rules, but your page rule should do the trick.

    If it's not, try adding the link in a URL Group and then add that group to the negative rules. That should make doubly-sure that it is not accessible to visitors.

    Let us know. Thanks!

  • Atlanta
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    Hi, not sure how URL groups work.
    I'm using this as part of a template so if I use the exact URL

    Subsequent blogs created can still get to, right

    What would I enter in the URL group? Is there a sample of URL groups for Marketpress that I can use?

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