Block out specific appointment dates

Hi Support,

I’m looking for an appointments plugin which will allow people to schedule a specific time / date.

Appointments+ looks almost perfect, however I’d like to know whether it is possible to blockout certain dates.

For example, I have a colleagues who does one-to-one support for two weeks, but the second Monday and Wednesday he’s not available. Is there any way to show this on the calendar / booking?

So far all I see is you can only choose there working hours, but no working dates.

Is it possible with this plugin to set working dates, so everything stays the same, but somewhere in the plugin just specify certain dates the person won’t be available?

Is it also possible to force clients/ customers to only be allowed to book within the certain date set? I’d like customers to start booking now, but don’t want them to accidentally click the wrong date and make a booking. As far as I can see, the calendar is open, no way to force people to only book in a certain date period.

Any help or advice on this would be great!

Appreciate your help and support in advance.