Block Specific Plugins Nag Notifications in admin

Is there anyway to block a specific plugins nag notifications? I have been looking up plugins but can only find where it blocks ALL notifications, and it slows down the sites. Any help is appreciated.
Looking for how to block notifications on all sites in the admin but only for specific plugins.
WordPress 4.6.1
Multisite setup

  • Brandi
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    Like the ones that are green or orange on left. They are dismissable but some plugins keep having them popup. Since we have a multisite network, when I go to another site in the network I have to dismiss the same notice I did on the other sites. So my questions is how can I block a notice based on a specific plugin. For example: Last Login Plugin has the message:
    "Thank you for using When Last Login. If you find this plugin useful leave a 5 star review here."
    I would like to block this notification that way I do have to press it 200 times on all the different sites.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello Brandi!

    Thank you for your response.

    The issue with such notifications is that most of them come "directly" from plugins and there's no single "universal" way to stop them. Recently WordPress gained a nice "notification center" and should keep all notifications "centrally" - in terms of code - so it would be easy to disable them but unfortunately not many plugins use that so far. Most stick to their own methods of delivering such notifications.

    There are two steps then. First one is to disable WP/theme/plugin updates notifications so they won't be served to the users. This article on our blog should help:

    As you are using the Multisite setup there'd be a slight change though: instead of putting the code from article to the "functions.php" file it would be better to use it as an MU ("Must Use") plugin: simply add the php openning tag before the first line of the code


    then put entire code into the file with a .php extension and upload that file to the "/wp-content/mu-plugins" folder of your install. If there's no "/mu-plugins" folder inside "/wp-content" just create it.

    The second step would be to disable other notifications that come from different plugins. That's however a daunting task: you would need to track down all of them and either scan code of these plugins to find out if there are any hooks/filters available for this (and use them to disable output) or add multiple CSS rules (specific for particular notifications) via another mu-plugin to hide them.

    Overall, while the first "step" should work "out of the box" it will disable only some of the notifications and tracking down all other may take much more time and trouble after all than just dismissing them, unfortunately.

    Kind regards,

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