Block time in Appointments + with and without a defined service provider

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Another question. In my Appointments + I've got three service providers. On a day two of them are working.

Users can book an appointment and set a preference for a service provider. On the other hand, people can also made appointments without any preference for a service provider.

Now, when one service provider is booked and somebody else choose for no preference, then the time block in the general agenda is not blocked!

In my view this time block should be closed then. In the current situation I need to manage the service providers by myself.

How can I tackle this? I using Google Calendar an option?

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    Hi there @Frank

    I hope you're well today!

    Selecting the "No preference" case will not block off any times in your front-end calendar if you have multiple service providers. The times are only blocked once no service providers are available for that particular time-slot.

    So, for the time-slot to be blocked, all service providers must be busy for that time. That means that you must manually set the service provider for appointments where the client has selected "No preference".

    You can force users to select a provider by adding the require_provider parameter to your schedule shortcode (it works with both the weekly and monthly calendar shortcodes). For example, this will display the default message instead of the calendar until the user selects an available provider:
    [app_monthly_schedule require_provider="1"]

    But you can also customize the message, and even use HTML to add a container class or ID. For example:
    [app_monthly_schedule require_provider=&quot;1&quot; required_message=&quot;<div class='my-div-class'>The available times will only be shown once a service provider has been selected</div>&quot;]

    You can then style the message container to fit your theme

    .my-div-class {
    border:1px solid #ccc;

    Note that if you do include HTML to add your own container class or ID, be sure to use only single quotes as in the above example. If you use double-quotes, the first one will effectively close the added parameter value and cause all other text following it to display on your make-an-appointment page. :slight_smile:

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