Blog activation link in email missing a /

This is a sample link and as you can see it's broken because there is a missing / after the .com

Does this come from Pro Sites or vanilla Wordpress MU?


  • aecnu

    Greetings glenn_tate,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    There is obviously a missing forward slash somewhere in there and it is deeper then this plugin, The activation email and confirm email are WordPress core functions and are not related to this plugin.

    WordPress itself makes the sites without Pro Sites plugin. Pro Sites plugin basically allows you to control the features available to a site creator.

    This will take some significant digging into the network admin dashboard and if not found there digging into the database to find where during original setup the domain was included without a forward slash.

    This is indeed what happened with another member in the past in which they did a new install and found they did not have the problem:

    The one major thing that differs between your reported issue and theirs is that it appears you are running a WordPress 3.5 RC version and I believe they are/were running version 3.4 at that time.

    The first thing to do here is deactivate the Pro Sites plugin and create a blog/site and check to see if the activation key is still missing the /.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • glenn_tate

    Hi Joe, Indeed it was caused by a bug in 3.5 RC. I know better than to try multiple changes at one time.

    In any case I learnt a whole bunch more than if everything had worked out of the box. There was a line missing from the ms-functions.php that defined the &base variable. This variable is used in a function that checks if a domain/path has already been used. I'm not convince they had to do it this way but hey who am I to judge :wink: This is the missing line in my old build ... updated to latest nightly build and all is well. The final 3.5 release is scheduled for Monday the 10th now.

    L545 $base = $current_site->path;



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