Blog Activity plugin incorrectly counts posts

The Blog Activity plugin appears to include all post activities when tabulating the number of posts – including revisions. This means the “Posts in the last…” numbers are way, way off.

For instance, on my site, Blog Activity is claiming there were 1992 posts in the last month. But if I go into the database and actually count the posts in all blogs, I only get 1037 posts total.

Is there a way for the plugin to generate accurate stats? I’ve been playing with ways to wildcard-search all post tables, but haven’t had a lot of luck. I’ve wound up with a hard-coded MySQL query that looks like this:

select sum(
(select count(*) from wp_1_posts where post_type="post") +
(select count(*) from wp_2_posts where post_type="post") +
(select count(*) from wp_3_posts where post_type="post") +
(select count(*) from wp_94_posts where post_type="post") +