Ultimate Facebook Registration Fields

I'm using the Ultimate Facebook plugin on a subdomain-based MU install. On the Ultimate Facebook plugin registration page, the blog address field reflects: "Your blog address (obxjournal.com/youraddress):"

There is no option to make the plugin consistent with my type of install, rather than defaulting to a subdirectory install.

I realize this is a minor detail, but it's confusing to inexperienced users and misleads them into thinking that their blog will be located at "obxjournal.com/youraddress" instead of "youraddress.obxjournal.com." It is also unclear to inexperienced users if they're supposed to enter only their chosen subdomain, or the entire URL.

I've poked around in the plugin files, but cannot find any way to alter this. It should be as simple as modifying a language or template file, right? Any ideas?