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Hi, i need something similar to the admin ads plugin, but i need it to display an ad on the actual blog instead of the admin pages.

  • djtheropy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    yeh, it should be pretty simple, i dont mind even if it means adding a piece of code (like a function) to each blog template, just want something built in to manage the ads etc (i know i could easily get a script to do this, but once againi would prefer it built into wpmu)

  • andrea_r
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Doh, not if it was my ads, probably not - unless they were getting a cut.

    I do have users showing their own BlogAds (from and I'm currently thinking about approaching them as being a host of another blog network, with users signing up under me (thus I get a cut when users sell ads) and running their ads.

    I've found it pays better than google ads, that's for sure.

    Dang. I'm diverting again.

  • Luke
    • The Crimson Coder

    I've recently been in discussion with someone about ads, and being able to control them by impressions, length of time they'll show, and a ton of things.

    For me, in previous versions of the lounge, I ended up running my own ad server. It handled all the details, and I just had to stick code in my theme.

    I've written an "ad" program before, and it isn't exactly complicated, but it sure has a lot of little details to it. I guess it depends on how detailed to get, really.

    If it was just picking a random ad that was currently active, that isn't tough at all.

    select rand from whatever where active = 1 limit 1.

    But, OTOH, you end up with advertisers that "gripe" about not getting equivalent exposure, as that's the luck of the draw.

    Then you get advertisers that may have, for example, 3000 impressions a month and want them spaced out somewhat evenly so that they are exposed all month.

    For me, I think I'm leaning into grabbing less as competition, and increasing the value of the exposure. That might just be me though.

    Granted, for now, I'm still using google. :slight_frown:

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