Blog and User Creator - Issues with creating blogs and users

1st issue: I attempted to use this plugin to first create blogs and users, but my naming convention, which uses a "." between first and last names was rejected. I have the naming convention set up so that it will allow for those characters though.

2nd Issue: My second attempt, I went with a simple username like "demo2, demo3, demo4" to avoid the "." issue I previously encountered. I had everything set up, but this time when I ran it, I received a message that asked me to "Please wait" and although the silver bar went across the popup, it never went away. I didn't get a screenshot, but it looked almost exactly like the one found in this support post:

I then went into Network Admin on my multisite and saw that it had created the demo accounts, but not the blogs.

I ended up using the Batch Create plugin, but I would like to get this plugin to work since it has the capability of adding the "teacher" as an admin to the newly created site.

Thank you,