Blog Creation For Free Membership Subscriptions

At what point in the Membership registration process should a new member be presented with the option to create a bog if their access level allows it?

Please see this topic discussing all the issues I and other user have had configuring membership, and/or provide any feedback you may have for what we're trying to achieve below.

I'm currently developing a new network at

We plan to offer the following Membership subscriptions and have configured related access levels as follows:

Member: Free subscription/level with the only rule being blog creation=negative (This level is for members who only wish to participate in our forums.)

Blogger: Free subscription/level with two rules, blog creation=positive, and plugins=positive for a subset (This level is for members who want a free blog and forums access.)

Shopkeeper: Paid subscription level with two rules, blog creation=positive, and plugins=positive for all (This level is for paid members who want an e-commerce site powered by MarketPress.)

The issue is that there is no option at any point for a Blogger member to create a site. They are never presented with the site creation screen during sign-up, and there is no Add Site button on the My Sites page. I have not yet tested Shopkeeper registration.

I have spent hours trying different Network and Membership settings. The last post in the support forum topic I link to above includes our current Membership settings to get registration working.

I have tried this with both WP network registration disabled and allowing registered users to create sites. Neither work.

The Membership manual is very comprehensive, but the only reference for setting this up is: "You could run your own WordPress hosting business if you have a Multisite installation, yup thats right you could sell blogs on a subscription basis. Cool eh!"

Would be really cool indeed if we could get it working. But I'm beginning to wonder if there is an issue with the plugin allowing blog creation for free subscriptions.

Please help. Thank you in advance for any direction.

We're using Membership 3.0 RC-2 on WP(ms) 3.3.2

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey jcnjr,

    The user isn't given this as an option during sign-up, but he can access it over at the WordPress sign-up page here:

    This is available from the My Sites link (under Dashboard, See the screenshot attached.)

    If blog creation is in a negative rule or if the user has reached the limit, he will get a message.

    Isn't that how it is for you? do Let me know!

    p.s: Regarding your Member and Blogger levels. They are both free, so why just have one instead of two? Wouldn't everyone go for the Blogger level instead of the member level anyway?

  • jcnjr

    Isn't that how it is for you?

    No, the users registered via our Membership access level subscriptions do not have the Create A New Site option in their dashboard. And when I had the negative rule set, there was no message.

    We will offer two free levels because on our other networks we end up with a majority of members joining and never using s blog. They must be members to participate in our discussion forums, but if they're not going to blog, we don't want them mucking up the db with unused tables.

    Also, when attempting to visit /wp-signup.php as suggested the user is presented with the WP message: "Registration has been disabled."

    Thanks for checking in on this. Feel free to try it for yourself at

  • jcnjr

    What are your rules for this access level?

    We have four Access Levels:
    Visitors (For guests, created via Membership Wizard during setup) = No Rules
    Member (FreeSub gateway, for registered users to participate in forums ) = No Rules
    Blogger (FreeSub gateway for free blog) = Positive Rules: Blog Creation & Select Plugins
    Shopkeeper (PP Exp. gateway for paid blog) = Positive Rules: Blog Creation & All Plugins

    That's it. No other rules.

    At first I had created negative blog creation rules for the Member & Vistor levels, but removed those after it was suggested in the other topic that I only need the positive rule at the higher level.

    Neither Blogger or Shopkeeper users have the Create a New Site link in their dashboard. Even as Super Admin I do not have the link on My Sites when viewing the main site dashboard. The only place I can add a site is via the Add new link on /wp-admin/network/sites.php if logged in as Super Admin.

    So now... I just changed the network settings to "Logged in users may register new sites." and the link showed up! But all along I've been told that registration needs to be disabled. Which is it?

    Thanks again for the help.

  • Kimberly

    Well, after some extensive testing (our entire support team has been in the trenches with Membership the last week! We are REALLY trying to clear up a few things as even we are finding new things since the latest release lol) we have found that having the wordpress registration enabled will not break anything, and will actually help in some cases as newly evidenced by your discovery :slight_smile:

    I will pass this along as it's another part of the giant puzzle we are trying to sort here.

    Also, I went back and did some testing, as long as you have access level rules in place for your subscriptions your registered users will not gain access to content for the level they are registering if they cancel the paypal transaction.

    Looking though the threads it was actually a support issue I handled with someone who did not have access specified for their menus and such.

    So what's left on the issue list ? :slight_smile:

    Seems you are nearly sorted, with much less help from us as I would have liked though, seems we are all learning a bit more about this plugin recently lol

  • jcnjr

    Seems you are nearly sorted

    Almost... aside from the fact that users who didn't complete their paid registration can still access the create blog function like you describe in your more recent comment here...

    I did another test where I cancelled the subscription within paypal and returned to the site... but when I looked to create a site the option was there.

    The primary remaining issue for me would be resolving that "Enable incomplete registration" issue, since that is the only way I could get members activated via Membership registration. Allowing that, however, gives unpaid members access to functions (and presumably protected content) we plan to charge for.

    Thanks again for all your help. I am more than happy to help test any code revisions, and will gladly send Membership Admin credentials if you care to investigate our set-up further.

  • Kimberly

    aside from the fact that users who didn't complete their paid registration can still access the create blog function like you describe in your more recent comment here...

    Yep, I posted here before I did that test :slight_smile: Sorry if there was some confusion

    I am leaning more toward the thought that there may be a bug with the free registration gateway, I am betting if you deactivate it then try to cancel the paypal process it will work as intended. Can we try?

  • jcnjr

    I am betting if you deactivate it then try to cancel the paypal process it will work as intended.

    Just had a chance to test this...

    Unfortunately, after deactivating the freesubscriptions gateway we are back to square one with members of any level not getting redirected to the Welcome page, regardless of Incomplete Registration setting.

    Member does get added as Active, but with no subscription, level or gateway assigned.

    Sigh... will test further after installing the pending plugin update.

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