Blog function not working in upfront editor

I want to start making blog posts using the UF editor.
I have made several posts using the standard WP method.

I read this today: Working with Pages and Posts

My screen does not look like that.

The box on my screen comes up and says "loading" and that is it.
I do not get the little menu on the right side (Publish / Categories, Tags and URL) at all.

I cannot add any content to the box. It's stuck on "loading"

I need to get this squared away, as this site will have a massive amount of user generated content, photos and videos.

I will be training several of the board members next week on how to post their content.

This is an urgent request, as I have been bogged down in the other bugs in this system that have put me about 10 days behind.

I am now in the process of a total rebuild of the site, and other work is taking a beating because I am spending an inordinate amount of hours each day trying to work through all the bugs in this system - or trying to figure out what is a bug.

This should have never been released in this condition. Sad, very sad to see the amount of wasted hours coming through these support ticket messages.

It seems like every time I try something to advance this site, there is a bug to deal with that ends up costing (and I mean real $ cost of my time!) hours, days, and now we are into weeks.

This system has great potential, but you are screwing it up for users.

I will attach a screen shot of today's bug. Yep, another in the "Bug of the Day" series.