Blog ID's suddenly missing after upgrading wpmu to 3.1 from 3.0


I looked and have not found anyone else in the forums with the same issue as I am. I am hoping for a quick fix, trying to avoid having to reinstall wpmu.

when I view all sites in network admin view, I just noticed that the blog id’s column is missing.

This is a bit of a pain as I will need to resort to the ID’s in time for future work.

I have deleted all the plugins in hopes that was conflicting in some way but to no avail.

I am still missing all blog Id’s

can anyone please provide a quick fix, or am I going to have to re install wpmu all over again?

Thanks for your time.

Tony V

  • TonyV
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    ok, well this is just not good at all.. what about when you are using plugins such as paytoblog… let’s say I want to extend a blog and it is asking for the blog ID… am I supposed to count every blog to find the number, or am I going to have to access the database to find out what the blog ID is before I extend the blog? what if I have 2500 blogs? arg… there are many many more reasons for being in need of the blog id…

    please tell me this was left out by accident and will be fixed. as it is now, I am thinking highly of returning to 3.0 just because I am not really as impressed by 3.1

    its really not as user friendly as 3.0 in my opinion.

    Thanks for any input.

    Tony V

  • drpaul
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    This is not new, the Page/Post/User ID columns went missing a few updates back, and at that time there were dozens of plugins needing that information as well…

    All I did was have two tabs open in FireFox, one with the list of posts/pages, and one with the plugin that needed the ID…

    simply hover over the ID/Blog/User EDIT link in the given list, and the ID number for the chosen item appears in the bottom bar of Firefox, as part of the link displayed when hovering.

  • TonyV
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks drpaul… this I can live with….

    I have version 3.0 on another set up I have and it shows blog ID column,,, not sure what you meant about them going missing a few updates back. But thanks for telling me an easier way to locate them.

    Tony V

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