Blog Layout in Spirit Upfront theme

I'm having some issues when trying to insert blog posts into a page from the Upfront screen.

When I drag and drop a 'post' onto the page and select 'single post' to display, it dumps the entire blog post into the box wrapped in a <p> tag (so no formatting). First problem.

There's no option to edit the text formatting in the 'post' element in the Upfront interface (like I would get when I insert a text element), so it seems like the only way to get a decent looking post (or even one that just reads correctly) is to add custom CSS (because the options available there in the settings - default, archive, blog mobile, blog archive - do not create ANY formatting including spacing between lines and any bold/bullet points etc that were put in as formatting in the blog post that was created in WP-admin. Second problem.

All I want is to be able to have a decent looking blog post and it seems like I'm missing something or doing something wrong. If I format in the WP-admin screen it doesn't flow through to site, and I can't change the format in the Upfront screen so it's stuck looking terrible (and essentially un-useable). Any advice would be much appreciated.

Here's an example page where I've been playing trying to figure it out so you can see what I'm talking about and you can check the attached pic to see what the actual post looks like in WP-admin so you can see the difference (and problem):