Blog List Marketpress + Supporter. Can I customize the layout?

Hey guys-

Not sure if this is a marketpress, supporter, or network theme thing, but here goes:

on my “Shops” page (which I did not create, it was just there), it keeps a running list of “blog names”.

First – Can I customize how many blogs are listed on this page? Can I rename this to “shops” instead of “Blogs”? Any chance this can be displayed in columns? rather than in one single column? Any chance to build a category list on this page? (I know…that was technically 5 questions)

Second – Many of these blogs listed have absolutely no product in them and no content. The people registered, but that’s it. Any chance I can remove the Blog name from the list if there is no content? It kinda gives false hope to someone who thinks they might find product when these blogs are empty.

TIA bunches!