Blog Listing in multisite / buddypress not showing blogs on other domains

In another thread, my challenges moved off topic. I started this one hoping that when the solution is found, other members will easily find the answer in this thread.

Problem: When I visit the page for listing blogs in my multi-site with buddypress, I see only the blogs for the main url ( and not the sites for the domains I add (

There are currently two domains set up, both are public. I have WP 3+, Multi-Domain, and Buddypress installed. - On its own IP address, this is the installation of WP. - The first domain added for multi-domain use.

The following blogs are set up: - the main site

I would think the behavior should be one of the following:
It would be listed with all the other blogs without respect to their domain names. and would be listed at They are not.
Or and would be listed at: (the page doesn't exist)
while and would be listed at: (that does happen)

Can you tell me if the behavior should be number 1 or number 2? If it is number 2, I figure I have a dns error but I am thinking it is supposed to act like 1 in which case I have no clue what could be going on.

Either way is fine for me.