Blog lists and changes after 3.1 update

I just want to make sure everything is working properly on my site.

When I log in after the recent WP 3.1 update, I notice I have to switch between a regular and network admin to do certain tasks. If I want to deal with anti-splog, supporter etc I have to go to the regular admin. If I want to add a plug in or view all blogs, I click the network admin. This seems backwards to me.

When I got to my list of blogs (under network admin), I'm having to manually spam them. It used to be they would all get a red highlight when I spammed them. Now the red alternates with the white. I do need up to my anti-splog so that may take care of some of the manual spamming I have to do, but is there an easier way to see the blogs and view them as "those that are spammed" and "those that aren't". In Anti-splog, if a site has not been flagged, its not on the list. Only suspected, spammed and ignored.