Blog posts aren't showing correctly on the blog homepage

I have three membership levels: Prime, Choice, and Visitor.

Blog posts are restricted so that the actual blog posts in the "Prime" category can only be accessed by the Prime members.

Even though Choice and Visitor can't see the post content, I want them to be able to see the title and the featured image on the blog homepage - as an incentive to get them to upgrade to the highest membership level.

Here's how I have the plugin set:
1. Prime: positive rule giving access to all categories
2. Choice: negative rule restricting only the Prime category
3. Visitor: negative rule restricting only the Prime category

(Choice and Visitor also have a negative rule restricting specific URLs of the Prime galleries)

Here's what's happening:
1. Prime can see all posts and access all posts (operating perfectly)
2. Choice can access the non-Prime category posts, but the Prime category posts are NOT showing up on the blog homepage (so the incentive is gone)
3. Visitor can access the non-Prime category posts - but only blog posts from July 8 and earlier are showing on the blog homepage (that was the date that I loaded the plugin). So the incentive to upgrade is gone - but also they aren't seeing the regular blog posts either.

Hopefully that makes sense. I tried tweaking the settings - switching to a positive/negative blend where the negative URL rule still applies, but it's a positive rule to access all the non-Prime categories. For the Choice members, all blog post categories showed on the blog homepage but then the Choice member had access to the Prime-category blog post content. And nothing changed for the Visitors (the new blog posts still weren't showing up).

Please help! (and have a great weekend!)