Blog posts in followers streams

Hello: We're building with WP 3.2.1 in Multi-Site mode and BP 1.2.10. (Right off the bat: please *do not* suggest that I upgrade; that's not gonna happen here any time soon... :slight_smile: In lieu of friends, we're using the BuddyPress Followers plugin ( ).

Of course, when a user posts an update it ends up not just in his own stream but also all the streams of his followers - that's what the Followers pluing is supposed to do. However, I just noticed that if the same BP user posts to his *blog*, an excerpt of that blog post ends up in his BP user's stream... but NOT in the stream of his followers.

Does anyone know: Is this a limitation of the Followers plugin? (ergo, does the core Friends plugin act the same way?) Or is this because of a limitation in BP core? And more importantly: Does anyone know how/where I could change it so that *everything* that ends up in a user's stream also is posted to the streams of his followers? My thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this --