Blog Posts Not Available to Logged In Users

Hi – I’m a new user here at WPMU Dev, and Lisa Sabin-Wilson and Laurie Rausch developed my site and installed the Membership plugin for me. They had a few issues which ya’ll addressed here:

For the most part these were resolved, but I still have one big issue with Membership that they haven’t been able to resolve, and it’s this:

Logged in users to my courses can see course content (blog posts), but they cannot see blog posts available to the general public. They can see only the posts that I have checked in the positive levels area of the plugin.

We’ve assigned general blog posts the category of The Blog, and specified that logged in users are able to view it under the Positive Levels, but that isn’t working. I also have to select the individual blog posts in the Posts area, but it lists only the most recent 25 posts. I have a year’s worth of content they need to be able to see, and selecting each blog post for every level I have is simply not workable.

Any ideas? I am not a developer, so if this requires going into the code, I’m out of luck. Thanks, in advance.

Here’s the site: