Blog setup from Subdomain to Subfolder and back


I have the problem that my host does not allow wildcards so I cannot use subdomains for my blogs. After I pulled the database, completely reinstalled the MU blog and spent another two days restructuring my link menu (customized, not by category but by tags, so it’s quite some work), this time using subfolders it worked. When the blogs are set up in subdomains, everything seems to work fine at first. I get a password sent, login links etc. – except that when I call up the new blog, I get a "page does not exist" error and get redirected to a search engine to search for it. :slight_frown:

Now, by using subfolders for my blogs, everything worked fine, the blog was created etc.

Now comes the problem…

By using the subfolder solution, MU adds a /blog offset to the permalink structure. But I wanted my permalink to only show the postname and nothing else. So the link became instead of I found a plugin and instructions to remove this /blog offset which also worked fine. Except now I am forced back to set up my blogs in subdomains. Which also means that my existing blogs no longer work!

I also tried to install the domain mapping plugin but I assume this also only works for subdomain-blogs and not for subfolder-blogs, right?

So I removed everything again, willing to live with the /blog offset (maybe change it to something else like "site" instead – if only I knew how). Unfortunately… now my blog creation dashboard now is still set to create blogs in subdomains!

Any ideas what to do to get back to my subfolder structure? Any database query or editing files? A clean install would certainly be an option – it would just – again – set me back with two more days of work creating the link menu (s.a.). I’d love to avoid that…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just remember – I not a coder, so speak "slowly" :slight_smile: