Blog Template Image Upload

Merry Christmas! I am a robot (aka entrepreneur), so I am still working on holidays.

Found a couple annoying issues with blog templates:

1. Love the feature of adding an image to the blog template...but...its not using the standard media uploader feature that wordpress provides...which will create problems...lets get that fixed for 2017.

As a result:
1. Other plugins can't be compatible...aka amazon s3 uploader
2. The delete not deleting the image! So when you remove a blog template...the image is still there, lost in space...yuk.

So to remedy the situation.....lets use the wordpress media uploader functionality...wordpress was kind enough to do all this wonderful work to make life easier on the programmer and make your plugins more compatible with other plugins that respect the "framework" so lets get this sucker respecting the framework...that way getting to use all the modern features of wordpress and less code to maintain....yayyyyy!

What do you think?

Merry christmas! Happy Chanukah