Blog Templates & Appointments + conflict.

Hi again, and good day to you.

Sorry to bother you but I am having great difficulty with the blog templates plugin, when working in conjunction with appointments+

I am trying to achieve a blog creation process with pre populated data so that users get a flying start with an appointments website.

My problem is this: I create a blog template - during creation I try to incorporate the database data from the appointments + fields as suggested in order to pre populate a blog with workers, services and work times etc.

The template creates ok, and indeed the new site clones the site as expected with pages and theme and plugins, but I cannot get the appointments+ db data to clone too.

What's worse is, if I then delete this new blog it deletes the appointments+ data from the first (cloned) site too!!! Meaning I have to input all the worker, times and services data back in again.
(I now back up my database before creating or deleting any new test sites)

If you could shed any light on this I would be most grateful

Thanks in advance.