Blog Templates- cOnFuSeD

Totally confused…..Ok I made all the settings I wanted for the NEW members to have on their new websites. I am totally confused. It has EVERYTHING listed that I have on my main site. I’m not understanding how this needs to work.

I want to only allow them the option to change their header

Add their products to sell

Have the option of having a blog or not

Then I have a page link that I wanted to bring them back to the main website

It gives them a choice of having two sites- should I delete the Marketplace template or am I going to lose everything if I do? I only want the MEMBERSHIP TEMPLATE to be available to them.

Look at the list it shows. Please help, what in the world and I doing wrong? What am I supposed to have set?

I thought the Blog template was set to exactly what I wanted each of the members to have? I do want COOKIE CUTTER sites.

I need this as easy as possible. The memberships are mainly for stay at home moms, which many don’t have technical knowledge they will get frustrated and give up.

Can someone please walk through this with me? I have to get this site up, I’m ready to give up!!!

What will the charge be to do over the phone or connect into my site via Skype or something?

Should I purchase this?