Blog Templates Gravity Forms Bug

This is two-part:

1. I found that New Blog Templates v.2.6.7 has a major incompatibility issue with Gravity Forms. I have GForms 1.8.7. Any webpage on my entire network is totally broken on any page that has a gravity form on it. The HTML will display until it reaches where the gform is supposed to be rendered. After that, its just a white screen. For now, Ive reverted by site back to using NBT 2.6.4 until this can be addressed.

2. I was experimenting with the Blog Template plugin on one theme a few months ago, but then removed the template and continued building the theme. Now that this theme template is complete I made it a blog template again, going thru the same process as earlier. However, when I create a new site and choose this template, its as if this new site is using all the template settings from 3 months ago instead of the way the current template is set up.

I choose All for everything in the settings. I choose all the pages to be duplicated also, but it doesn’t duplicate everything. I think my database is not updating the template with the new info. How can I get this updated correctly? I don’t think deactivating, and deleting the plugin will also delete the DB tables, but would like this plugin to have, either a completely clean install, or the DB tables to be updated to the current theme template settings. Please help.