Blog Templates Remember First Post Date

I just discovered that the New Blog Template plugin keeps the date setting of the first post when copying "Posts and Pages" to the new blog. For new bloggers who choose to edit this post instead of publishing a new post, if they do not change the publish date (which none of them ever do), their post gets bumped way off the list in Recent Posts widgets and the Blogs Directory.

Any suggestions? If not, please consider moving this topic to the Feature Request forum with a request for an option to not copy the first post publish date, or to automatically change that date to the blog creation date.

Thank you!

  • DavidM

    Hi jcnjr,

    Hmm, it's just the first post on the templated site that you're concerned about with that then, correct?

    Wouldn't that result in a lot of copies of the same post showing up in the recent posts widget? They'd be from different blogs, of course, but the content of each, including the title, would be the same, correct?

    Not sure if that'd be an issue in your case, just thought I'd mention.

    As I couldn't see an easy way to auto-adjust the first post's date, I've gone ahead and moved this to the feature suggestion thread and I'll flag the developer to have a look when he gets a moment.


  • jcnjr

    Thanks for the quick feedback, as usual. To clarify: the typical "Hello World" first post (We've edited the title in our template) doesn't seem to appear in our widgets or directory unless a blogger edits it, but if they do, it retains the original publish date from the template, not the blog creation date.

    Just makes sense to me that a first post should never be older than the blog itself. :slight_smile:

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