Blog Type Usage Inquiry

I have followed all the install instructions, ran the sql.txt code on the database to add the data tables (since they were not added), configured the config file and put the files where instructed but I still see no sign of this plugin in admin. The data tables are in place but are empty.

Update: I finally got it to show under Settings... Blog Type but it currently gives only one choice, I assume because I only have oe blog set up so far. Will this plugin allow me to set one specific blog type and subtype per user/blog and manage them all under admin?

Do you have any documentation regarding usage of this plugin?

I am new to Word Press and was planning to manage my user blogs (for a school district principals and department heads) using categories and subcategories but I want to control them not let users define or change categories and sub categories, so I thought the Blog Types plugin would be a solution. I don't see how to apply a blog type or subtype to a specific blog other than the one I am currently logged in under.

I am using WPMU 2.9.2

Thank you.

  • Aaron

    Currently blog types can be set either at signup or by going to the settings page of each blog.

    Also, this plugin is currently just a base to collect the meta data. You will have to write a front end to display them or wait for us to put one out in the fall.

    To take it one stage further, you will also now have the meta data to allow you or your developers to create dynamic front pages (or any other sort of content) which list users, posts, tags and other data associated with that group.

    Before 2011 we'll be updating this plugin to allow that to happen with greater ease (i.e. less development) too... so stay tuned to for updates.

    Naturally the new version will be able to use all the data collected by this older version, so the sooner you start collecting - the more options you'll have later on.

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