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This is a topic that I’ve brought up regarding specific plugins in the past, and I was about to comment on the new “Easy Blogging” beta, but decided instead to post a general comment/feature request regarding all WPMU Dev plugins. I’ll also preface this by saying that it seems like you guys are already heading in this direction, so this request is more of a “you’re doing good, keep it up” than a “please do this.” That said…

My biggest problem with WordPress in general is that it’s a fairly “purpose-agnostic” content management system that’s been dressed heavily as a blogging platform. What I mean is that most of the underlying decisions that have been made in the past number of years have focused on WordPress as a CMS, but the UI is still tied to WordPress’s legacy as blogging software. In the underlying code, there’s no preference given to “posts” over “pages” or any other custom taxonomy you create, but in the UI and labeling, everything is designed and written from the perspective of a blogger.

A lot of WPMU Dev plugins suffered from this same limitation as well. I’m glad to see that “Pro Blogs” is changing to “Pro Sites” and hopefully a future release of the Avatars plugin will switch from “Blog Avatar” to “Site Avatar” (per my suggestion). I’ve noticed suggestions like this pop up for a number of plugins, and I’m blown away by how responsive you guys have been to them (thanks!). But because you guys have a strong background in blogging, that mentality can’t help but creep in.

So this “feature request” is just a reminder to be aware of the fact that a number of your customers don’t do “blogs” — so when you’re creating plugin UI, labeling fields, writing help and tooltips, etc, try to stick to language that doesn’t limit the scope of your plugins.

Thanks so much for all you guys do. I don’t mean to be preachy, and like I said, it seems like this is already something you’re focusing on. So, yay! Keep up the good work.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Chris,

    Many thanks for your thoughts, I’ll mention this to a few others around her as well.

    Having come over previously from Joomla and Drupal, I agree, it’s just that there are so very many bloggers using the WordPress platform that the ‘blog’ lingo is sort of taken for granted and not assumed to be an issue in most cases. It seems to be changing though, especially given all the work done surrounding custom post types (notice still though, they’re called custom ‘post’ types rather than custom content types :slight_smile: ).

    That said, perhaps plugins like the Custom Admin Text Change plugin can help sort any such issues you might have with the wording in your back-end area?



  • Chris M.
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Yeah, for the most part I’m able to get around it with a few custom plugins/localization/etc. It’d just be nice if those steps weren’t necessary (it sucks to have to check all your translations each time a new version of WordPress or a plugin comes out).

    As for the site wide text change plugin—what kind of performance hit does that have? I’ve always shied away from it because I’m afraid of the performance implications…

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Actually, this has been addressed internally and the devs are now working to “sites” as a standard rather than “blogs”.

    They’ll obviously be a transition period, as you allude to but I wouldn’t expect this to last long what with the frequency of updates around here.

    Still, if you spot a new version sticking to old terminology it won’t do any harm to let us know :wink:


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