Blog with Buddypress Site = too many plugins = way too slow

Hi there,

it looks like I might have to try some uncharted territory for me.

I have been struggling to find the perfect match of plugins that I need to setup a Blog with Buddypress and bbpress Community. Everytime I am getting close to either making all the plugins just work together something is breaking and if I get everything working happily the page load time starts bombing. Especially when activating SSL on my server. Which has way too many restrictions on the php settings anyway making everything even more difficult.

So. Weeks of trial and error. Almost losing the will to live with reinstalling WordPress sometimes as often as 10 times in one day….

Here’s my thought. What if I split the Blog from the Community? As far as I can tell this will solve the compatibility issues I have within the plugins/theme and it should make the pages load faster because it reduces the load of javascript and whatnot that the plugins are piling up. Less code to execute. Less problems. Happy me.

I was thinking something like for the blog and then for Buddypress.

Would I go multisite or would two separate WP installs be better? And what is the price I am paying for that? Apart from the obvious that I won’t be able to use shortcode and widgets from plugins that are only available in the other install?

And thinking a little ahead… eventually the whole mess would have to go multilingual. At least German and English for starters.

Or is there a simpler way of telling the plugins when to load all there extra code? E.g. there really isn’t much of a point for what I am trying to setup to have all Buddypress Code loading when I am on a blog post. Or to have Easy Bootstrap Shortcode load on Buddypress pages when I only need it on one blog page.

What possible nightmares can I avoid by doing things right in the first place? And what are the right things?