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I've had multi-site working great for a while now. The user can create multiple sub-domains on multiple domains. However, my engineer claims that the functionality of multi-site only allows users to blog on sub-domains, but not domains.

For example,
all these sorts of domains are fine for blogging.

But when we try to land on:
we can't blog on these domain, and instead get automatically redirected to the multi-site primary install domain.

What are we missing?



  • DavidM
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    Hello Alberti,

    Are you trying to allow users to create sub-folder blogs on those main domains as well as sub-domain blogs? If so, I'm not sure this can be done.

    If instead you're just trying to allow for creating blogs on those domain roots, then you I believe you'll want to use our Domain Mapping plugin.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know if that does not resolve things and I'll re-open the support ticket!


  • alberti
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    David, thanks, let me clarify.

    I'm trying to allow users to blog on the domain roots... not create additional domains from the roots. That means, no special sub-directory, no special name. If the name is, they can log in to, and blog on Same for the other domain roots. Each domain root should be a blog, just like each sub-domain is a blog.

    I'm puzzled why the users can blog on, but not Are you saying that multi-site by default excludes access to all root domains in its network?

    Are you saying I need the domain mapping plugin just for this?


  • Mason
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    Hiya alberti,

    The domain mapping plugin DavidM refers to above would be exactly what you're looking for. By default, WordPress Multisite installs all new user sites either as sub-domains or sub-directories.

    The additional functionality of the domain mapping plugin allows you to map sites to their own top-level domains. Take a look at the link DavidM mentions and let us know if you have trouble.


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