blogmu, membership, classifieds and q & a issues

I am having issues with a few plugins so I thaught I put this topic under the theme Im using which is blog mu, with wordpress multisite and buddypress. It may just be an issue with the membership plugin, Ive been trying to troubleshoot for a day now with no solution.
1.I configured membership as far as I know correctly, I created 2 custom links to the ask and questions page for the q and a plugin in the custom menu, and put it in the membership positive, with the correct menu links checked off.
2. I also have the classified pages and menu link positively checked off in membership
3. The level I set this for is premium, but when I log in as a premium user, the nav bar has the correct link shown as configured but when I try to click on questions, answers, classifieds or my classifieds, I get the members only page.
Any body have the same going on with them, I would appreciate coming to a solutions with this one, im baffled.