blogs can't find /register page

I am running WordPress MU 2.9.2 and Buddypress 1.2.3. I am using Anti-Splog to prevent (or at least slowdown) the spam blog creation. I have Anti-Splog set to move the wp-signup.php page because I was still getting spam blogs that Anit-Splog wasn't finding.

I am having problem with blogs other than the main blog accessing the register page. They give a 404 error. All of the themes available to our users are from the Themes 133 pack.

I've attached screenshots of the plugins used on the site.


  • Aaron

    Not sure what your problem is. With BP the register page is at /register/. The rename wp-signup.php function is not compatible with BP as BP does not use it. Says so on the setting page as well as all instructions.

    Are you saying that some of the themes in the theme pack have a hardcoded link to wp-signup.php? If so you will just have to edit those to point to your current registration page (/register/).

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