Blogs Directory "All Blogs" and "My Blogs" tabs aren't working


I’m running the latest version of wordpress, and all of my WMPU plugins are updated. I have installed on a server a wordpress multisite, along with Buddypress. I’ve installed the indexer plugin as well. My problem occurs when I navigate to the “blogs” page. My blogs show up with no problem. But when I selct either “All Blogs” or “My Blogs” I get an error saying “Sorry, there were no blogs found.”

It’s an immediate problem because if users sign up for my site and decide to see other blogs (or in this case, I have other blogs being other chapters) it gives them options that that aren’t working. It does show however, the number of blogs the member is connected with. Since I’m running one blog, it shows a “1” next to “My sites” and “All Blogs.”

Please let me know what I’m missing here.