Blogs Directory - Alphabetical by title?

I have the plugin installed and working, but the list is apparently sorted by blog URL, which may be different from the site title. For example, the url might be http://sitename.tld/abc123, but the title is George's Excellent Adventure. Because the URL starts with "a" the blog appears to be listed out of order.

[Link fixed ~ drmike]

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    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

    Perhaps someone can weigh in here as well, but my understanding is that the actual "blogname" value is not stored in any global table so this is not possible.

    This plugin pulls from the wp_blogs table which only has the domain and blog ID to sort by, so I don't believe it's possible to create a list like what you're looking for. Though, I'll admit I agree that sorting by Blog Name would be nice and a better option in many cases.


  • Sue
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    Definitely correct that the Blogs Directory by default lists the site title in order from A-Z.

    However, you can change it so that it lists from the newest site created or from the latest site updated. To change how it is listed you need to go to Super Admin > Options and scroll down to the section on Blogs Directory.

    However, the Blog Directory searches blog URLs not blog titles. So if you wanted to search for http://sitename.tld/abc123 in the Directory you would use abc123 as the search term. If you look at the bottom section of the installation page it gives you more detailed instructions on how to use the Directory -

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