Blogs Directory - site search doesn't respect "Site Directory Settings"

Blog Directory lists by default my network sites correctly, i.e. according to my Site Directory Settings, specifically:

Sort by = Site Name (A-Z)
Listing per page = 20

However, when searching sites, if the results exceed the listing per page setting, the sites are all listed on only one page and are not sorted alphabetically. Moreover, a "next" link is generated on the page which, when clicked, opens a page that states "Invalid page" but is otherwise empty.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @Kambala

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Would you please activate your default WP 2012 theme and check the issue? Just want to be confirmed that if it is a conflict with your theme or now.

    Please let us know.


  • Kambala
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Ash

    I've tested this extensively now and here is what else I've discovered regarding the reported "invalid page" problem.

    1. As already reported, the problem only arises when search results exceed the listing per page setting - but not in every circumstance.
    2. I've discovered that searching looks for matches in both blog titles and descriptions. When a description includes the string (2014) the problem arises. However, the problem does NOT arise when a description includes the string ( 2014 ) or 2014. The search clearly stumbles over the trailing parentheses when it is not preceded by a space.
    3. Apart from the anomaly noted above, searches of any strings found anywhere in blog descriptions but NOT in titles seems to work fine. The converse, however, is not the case. For example, if I have a dozen titles containing the string "Alex" (e.g. Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, etc.) and my listings per page is set to 5, a search of the string "Alex" finds and displays the dozen sites on a single page but also generates the "next" link that leads to an invalid page.
    4. We have many blogs with titles beginning with the string Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss, e.g. Miss Jones. A search of any one of these four strings always works, i.e. all search results are displayed on one page without the "next" link / invalid page problem, even in the case where there are, say, 50 titles beginning with "Mrs" and the listings per page is set at 5.
    5. However, when I search for the 2-letter string "rs", I find the same 50 titles beginning with "Mrs" as well as a few titles containing the "rs" string within, e.g. "Mr Anderson", as one would expect. However, if my listings per page is set to 5 and this search finds 6 or more sites titles like "Mr Anderson" that contain the "rs" string, the "next" link / invalid page problem arises. On the other hand, if I increase the listings per page to 10, the problem goes away - even though the search also still finds the 50 site titles beginning with "Mrs".

    Does any of that give you some testable clues?


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Kambala, sorry for the delay here!

    I noticed that you're not running the latest version of WordPress here, you're presently on WordPress 3.7.3.

    It is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest stable version for reasons of security and stability.

    Moreover, we guarantee compatibility of our products with the latest version of WordPress, and cannot support installs on older versions. Please see our TOS for more on this:


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