Blogs have blank screen after upgrade to 3.2 and deleting old themes


We upgraded our Multi-Site to 3.2

We then went through and deleted old theme that did not work with 3.2

In the past if a blog was using a theme that got deleted it kicked over to the default theme.

This time if the theme was deleted the student gets a blank white screen: example

In some cases the students can add /wp-admin login and change to any theme and is all set

In other cases (seems to depend on what theme they had before the upgrade) when they go to /wp-admin they still get a blank screen.

The only fix we've found so far is editing the blog settings and changing the template manually to any other template. We still get a blank white screen but then we can at least go to /wp-admin and change the theme to any other theme and it works.

I tried installing the default theme plugin...I know it is suppose to work for new blogs only but was hoping it might trigger something for blogs where the theme has been deleted......didn't work. :slight_frown:

So....any suggestions on how to get a theme to appear for these students? We have 100s of students randomly with blank white screens.


Jeff Utecht
International School Bangkok

  • isbwp
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Phil,

    We can go in to the sub sites and click on a any theme and activate a new theme and it fixes...the issue is most of our kids don't know to add /wp-admin to get into their site...they just see the white screen and freak out. :slight_smile:

    Here's the funny thing....when I visit the themes page of sites that are white it shows that it has the Twenty Ten theme active, but you'll notice that only the "Widgets" link is showing in the screenshot attached. If I active another theme, then reactive Twenty Ten it works not sure where hold up is.

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