blogs MU as a sub-site where the main network site is something else

hey. i'm creating an online community.
it's based around a specific visual theme that isn't a community site.

mmm ... the Into the Mythica project (my site) is based on telling great Stories (this is the content) about mysticism and realizing yoga.

i want to create a community; and would like individuals to have their own sites, yet I want the LANDING PAGE to be more specific to the theme.

Does that make sensE?
landing page = theme, related to magick & stories
blog pages/community = customized for the people within the theme of the landing page

since buddypress requires being installed on the network admin page, i'm wondering ....

a) is it preferable to have the landing page be the network admin page, yet have blogs MU or something like that on personal pages ....

b) or is it preferable to set a community page as the network admin page and then set the landing page to be one of the sub-sites in the network?

it's primarily a question of design. i'm trying to be clear. when considering it, I figured ... how can I get both? a customized, beautiful landing page which illustrates yoga concepts and mysticism ... * and * a series of personal blog pages and eCommerce pages which fit within the theme.

along those lines, i'd like to have a pretty consistent VISUAL THEME for all the blogs within the network.

what say You?