blogs-mu| Recents Comments is not working


I tried to use the widget with enabled avatar into left-sidebar or member-sidebar but with no success.. There is no comments display. I also notice that it doens't save the number I insert for "Total to show" option.

The other "Recent Comments" widget works fine.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    When you say it's 'not working' how do you mean exactly? Is it giving any errors, or is it just blank, or does the title of the widget show but no comments?

    I presume when you say the "other recent comments widget" that means that one of them is the BuddyPress one so which isn't working; the BP or WP recent comments widget?

    Also, can you give examples of comments you believe should be showing up?


  • crotariu
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi @Phil
    I mean: does the title of the widget show but no comments

    I don't know which one is BP or WP but this is the one which is not working:
    "blogs-mu| Recents Comments - a widget that shows recent comments with gravatar"


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Sorry, I didn't mean BP - I was referring to the widget it's now clear you're talking about.

    I'm not able to re-create this so I'm gonna ask one of the other guys to take a look with me on this.

    Meanwhile, can you let me know what version of WP and BP you're using, which version of the theme and what other plugins you have activated. It'd also help if you tried it without any other plugins active other than BP.


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