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I am working with the Blogs Mu theme. In the 3 Section Areas that you can edit in the backend I can't get them to stay blank. I want these areas to just contain widgets. Even when I put a space in the title and text area the space is still left with "..." in each of the three sections. Does anyone know the file I edit to eliminate this? I can see what needs to be edited with Firebug but cannot find the file?

  • Tammie

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention I'm seeing the same problem myself. We have a few methods to get around it though;

    1. We remove the if null check
    2. We remove the fixed text so it can't output anything

    I have also asked for the theme designer to be notified to arrange an update so sorry you are experiencing this. The way just to confirm I got it to go wrong was to add a widget but have nothing in those sections and I get the top filling with filler text and widget down bottom - of course this isn't desireable. I will note this could just be the way this works as it's expected to have text in header but I agree it shouldn't maybe be this case. This may be a point for the theme designer to confirm hence notification.

    All that said lets have a look in the code at services.php:

    <h2><?php if($tn_blogsmu_section_one_headline == "") { ?>
    Section intro 1
    <?php } else { ?>
    <?php echo stripslashes($tn_blogsmu_section_one_headline); ?>
    <?php } ?></h2>

    Now you see the text "Serviec intro 1" and the == "" - those are the 2 things we could work around it's really up to you. We can even remove the entire text and just have widget areas nothing more. As I am not aware of your level of coding please let me know if you need further assistance or this is enough help for you on that matter.

  • justin-madigan

    I would be fine just having widget spaces there because there is no limit on the text length with a blank PHP Widget whereas the current section settings cut off anything you put in as far as txt after 2 lines. When I look at it with Firebug I am seeing this as being the code that needs to be edited:

    <p class="stext">

    Is this also in the services.php?

    Thank you for all the help.

    - Justin

  • justin-madigan

    Hi Tammie,
    Can you please be more specific than, " you need to replace everything in services.php." I decided to develop with the Blogs MU theme. The theme write up/backend specifically states that you can go without the 3 section headers and intros and just use widget areas. However this functionality is actually not present because if you want to just use widget areas you are left with "..." at the beginning of each section. This is not visually appealing and not an option to leave this way. I need to know the exact code that I need to change in the services.php that will allow me to have the 3 section areas with widgets only. If you cannot assist or are unsure of the coding change for this maybe someone else can take a look. Thanks again for all the help.

    - Justin

  • Tammie

    @justin-madigan: I have flagged this again for Richie who worked on this theme as if you want an in theme fix he's the one that will provide this. Alternatively I have provided the custom edits you'd need to do it's a bit up to you how you use them. However, hopefully he will be along to provide you either a file to fix or information on if this will be in the update. Maybe that will work for you but he may be a few days as the weekend.

  • justin-madigan

    I purchased a membership to WPMU Dev around 1 month ago. The amount of templates and plugins provided and the quality of each of these products are exceptional. The support however is severely lacking. I asked what I thought was a simple question on this Blogs MU template 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response that rectifies the issue. My question is not asking anything above and beyond what the theme is advertised to do. The theme has 3 section areas. It is advertised that you can either:

    1) Place a section title and short description at the top of each section area from within the themes backend panel options.


    2) Use these 3 sections as strictly widget areas.

    When I pointed out that the later of the two options does not in fact work. I received a prompt friendly response which I am very appreciative of. However, The response was vague and not a specific fix for the issue.

    I want to use these 3 sections as only widget areas without the Title and text intro that can be filled out in the back-end. I am looking for a code change. Where someone looks at the issue at hand and says you need to open "this" file (ex. services.php) and replace "this code" on "this line" with "this". And then it would be nice if I could open the file, make the changes suggested, and have it actually work. Rather than having someone respond with a fix that may or may not work and then walk away from the post never to return letting the initial question go unanswered and left to drift into the abyss of the forums.

    As advertised in WPMU Devs Testimonials. " All roads go to WPMU Dev". It would be nice if they didn't dead end here! Especially since this is a paid for service.

    Additionally, I posted another simple question in the Dixi theme forum. Again, I received a fast, and polite response. The problem is that the code provided as the solution did not work. And after I replied to notify of this I was told to look harder at the header.php file. The fact is that the code I was told to look for does not exist with the div tag that I was told to look for. Again, after this I am still waiting for a fix to a question that other users in the post said got asked a lot. The question I am referring to is the one regarding replacing the site title of the dixi, nelo, or triden themes with a click-able logo image.

    Any help with these issues in a timely manner would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the understanding.

    - Justin

  • Tammie

    @justin-madigan I'm really sorry you feel frustrated and I've flagged this is a high priority again for James also this time to get a response. I did contact as said Richie about this as really wanted that update for you on this one not just a temp fix or at least get his opinion on this matter, but I will do my up most to try and get this resolved along with your other response. I would ask you allow me 24hours to try and get this sorted as best I can to get you the right support escalated. We do value your membership and understand totally you've been really patient over this.

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