Blogs MU theme leaves a space between top of page and background

The challenge I am running into is I want the background image to start right at the top of a page, so there is no break from the navigation menu.

The ideal solution is to have a title for the page, but to hide it. The other option I tested was to not have a title at all, which partially worked, but still left a space between the upper menu and the image. Is there a way to make this work? So there is no break, or so the background also goes under the title, or it just doesn't display the page title? Here is a page example -

I am using visual composer, which has made it really easy to add the background, and when I contacted their support about this here was the response: This is managed from themes and generally themes developers provide such settings. If you were using our theme iMedica, this is possible with just a click.

Any help would be appreciated.