Blogs MU: Theme options & Link 'image intro'

On the Blogs MU theme under Appearance > Theme Options > Features Settings, I have an image set for the image header. How can I hyperlink it to other content?

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    Hiya @troykd,

    There's no elegant way to add this without quite a bit of work to add the link as a theme option.

    However, you could make a copy of panel-home.php in your child theme (put it in the same directory as it is in the parent theme)

    Then on line 6 of your new panel-home.php you should see this:
    <div id="intro-featured-img">
    Append it with your link as an href like so:
    <div id="intro-featured-img"><a href="">

    Then be sure to close the link after all the content by adding a closing tag before the div tag on line 33:

    Regardless of what featured area you use, the link will persist. Obviously to change the link you'd have to change it in the code.

    If you're wanting to change it for a specific theme option you'll notice the files they relate to are listed there in panel-home.php.

    So if you wanted to modify the theme to add a link to the Featured Video option only you would go to that theme file (shown as being located in lib/templates/wp-template/videos.php) and make a very similar addition as I've done above.

    Hope this helps! thanks!

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