Blogs MU Tweak Help

Hi. I have a couplpe of questions for tweaking BlogsMU. They are pretty simple but I wanted to get the answer from Tammie. Thanks!

1. How do I make the site a members only? Conditional if user on header? If so, How do I ensure about, contact page, login and registration is open?

2. How do I ensure that when a user goes to thier own profile, they see the activity tab, but when they go to another profile they do not see the activity profile (is this the case already?)

3. How do I limit Activity rows to only 50. Do these activities come up in Search? (Basically I want the activity/wire entry to disappear once it goes off page forcing users to use forums for long term discussions.)

4. How do I add a 200 character limit to the wire?

Think thats all for now. Thanks!