Blogs not showing in main site

Hello, I'm getting to the point of pitching this entire system out the window. Really I have re-installed everything almost 5 times now in the last 3 weeks and really getting fed up.

First I have problems with themes that don't seem to work so I re-install. Then I have problems with javascript and get told to remove and reinstall plugins only to find out it is one of your plugins that's causing the problem.

This is really too much so now after I have installed all the plugins that I need and which is almost all of them (your plugins) the test blog from a user isn't feeding to the main site system. Please don't tell me I have to re-install again.

I don't have a clue at what point it stopped working. All I know is that it was in the beginning and now it's now.

Please HELP!!!

  • Tammie

    @rbudnikas: I understand frustration however you have to also understand without a link and with the number of threads it's impossible to know what 'your site' is. I also get you are feeling like it will never be sorted but I am fairly sure it can or at least we can find out the root of the matter. Here is what I suggest

    1. Turn off all plugins - I know you say you don't want to do this but turning off is not removing and honestly we need to do this to see what is going on.
    2. Put on the default theme - are you using BuddyPress if so then pop that on and the BuddyPress plugin should be activated of course for this.
    3. Make sure you are updated for instance NOT running wp 3.0 or anything like that as we can't support that fully yet - you've not mentioned what you are running and sorry for not remembering but we do deal with a lot of support queries.
    4. Once you have the default theme working add in ONE by ONE each plugin until you get the problem.

    I will note you aren't really saying what is wrong beyond a js error - is that the only issue?

    5. By doing 4 you 'should' find the problem and then we can tackle it.

    I am suggesting we don't even tackle a theme on top of it yet but we will after.

  • Robert

    Tammie, I am back to the basic buddypress theme with all the plugins turned off and it still doesn't work. and now I will waste another 15 hours reinstalling everything just to determine it's one of plugins on this site. Oh remember the scriptaculous.js you said was conflicting with the pop over plugin. well it turns out that .js was used by the subscribe plugin downloaded from this site.

  • Robert

    Aaron, I've just reinstalled everything again so I am down to the basic install. So you don't miss the problem don't take offence but it was in my original post but I will put it in caps for you. BLOG POSTS ARE NOT PUSHING UP TO THE MAIN SITE.

    So now that i have a fresh install the only thing I have running is:

    WPMU 2.9.2
    Buddypress and the standard Buddypress theme
    No other plugins
    I created several a couple of test posts on the main site which show up.
    I have one user created with it's own blog
    I have created two posts.
    the users posts don't show up on the main site.

    Am I missing something??? It was working originally or am I imagining that the whole purpose of wpmu + buddypress isn't suppose to do this?


  • Aaron

    the users posts don't show up on the main site.

    Still not exactly sure what your expectations are.

    Buddypress, if you have "Blog Tracking" enabled in it's settings will add sitewide blog posts from PUBLIC blogs to the activity stream, and blogs will be listed under a member's profile. There is also a "Recent Sitewide Posts" widget from BP that you can use to display recent posts.

    Sitewide posts will not go into the main blog though, that is a separate blog all on it's own.

  • Robert

    Aaron, I have blog tracking enabled. Are you saying that any posts only show up in the activity tab? and if I want to have sitewide recent posts show up the only way I can do that is to use a widget in the side bar?

    What do you mean?

    Sitewide posts will not go into the main blog though, that is a separate blog all on it's own.

    I've included a screen shot from wanna network. On the left of the "HomePage" is that a rss feed? This is a buddypress website and it seems to me that the "realtors and mortagage people" are the ones who have blogs on that site and their posts show up on the main page.

    I completely finding mind blowing that that functionality isn't supported. How is one to setup a community portal and one has to click a tab to go to another page. I guess newspapers don't have a front page with a couple of stories.

  • Robert

    ok, you developers are really funny. Could you guys be more cryptic. To solve my frustration especially when I have said that i have reinstalled so many times all you would have had to ask me was the blog profile set to public. I really don't get why someone would tell me to start shutting off plugins to figure this out. Bloodly well have wasted my time starting over again. Thanks guys.

  • Aaron

    FYI, I don't know who told you to reinstall wpmu, but you should never have to do that. The most we'll tell you on rare occasions is to overwrite your core files with a fresh copy if we think something is missing.

    This whole thread was just a misunderstanding due I guess to your frustration, which is understandable. Next time please try to be very specific as to what your actual problem is and maybe tone down the complaining.

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